By Application

AOE has developed custom antenna solutions for a wide range of applications; find out about some of them below

Radar and Communication Phased Array Antennas

Communication and radar phased array antennas are extremely complex, in  fact, they’re some of the most complicated antennas in existence. They need  to be highly efficient to maximize range, and oftentimes require wide angle  scanning to maximize the coverage volume of the system. 

We have expertise in the design and fabrication of broadband, as well as wide  scanning phased array antennas for communication and radar system  applications. AOE radiating element technologies that are suitable for these  applications include waveguide radiating elements, Vivaldi notch antenna  elements, and low profile printed radiating elements. 

Over the years we’ve worked on many different projects designing and  developing high performance phased array antennas, including the F-22  Raptor and F-35 Lightning II fire control radar antenna apertures.


Satellite Communications

Satellite communication antennas send signals from ground control to  satellite, satellite to satellite, and satellite to ground, sea, and airborne  applications. At AOE, we have a large volume of experience designing array  antennas with all these communication segments. 

To name a few applications, we designed and manufactured 120 phased array  subarrays for satellite control under the GDPAA effort, designed multi-beam  downlink, space-based phased array antennas, and designed a transmit and  receive airborne satellite communication antenna set for a covert application. 


Typically used for Signal Intelligence (SIGINT), Electronic Support Measures (ESM), and direction finding applications, receive only antennas are great at what they do. We’ve worked on many receive only antenna projects including biconial, discone, tunable loop, spirals, and other custom antenna types. Most often these antennas are custom and are miniaturized.

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At AOE, we offer wide scanning SIGINT technology, capable of dual  polarization and near ideal cosine fallout. Our proprietary element architecture  has been used by Electronic Warfare (EW) and Signal Intelligence (SIGINT)  applications. 

We offer our clients our custom Vivaldi/Notch antenna technologies capable  of multi-octave performance (9:1 +) in an ultra-wideband low-profile printed  array architecture. We can tailor our technologies to meet your requirements and parameters including frequency range, minimized depth, and minimum  return loss at a specified angle.


Antennas that have been designed for covert uses are usually installed in  environments that compromise performance. It’s for this reason that having  an efficient design is so important. AOE has designed and developed  numerous covert antennas, all offering our customers the highest possible  performance.

Wearable Antenna Technology

The design of body-worn antennas is particularly challenging, because of the effects the body can have on their performance. We’ve developed and demonstrated several body-worn antenna architectures, including tunable body-worn antennas capable of over an octave of bandwidth and antennas that use the human body to enhance performance.

Low Observable Antennas

Our engineers have a rich history of phased array antenna design for  application to low observable platforms. In the past, we’ve worked on the  designs of the F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightening II radar apertures, which to  this day still stand as some of the highest performing low RCS radar antennas ever designed.