Antenna and Component Testing

Take a look at our work designing and testing advanced antenna technology, and find out how AOE can help you with our custom testing and measurement fixtures for triplexers, antennas, and other components

At Alpha Omega Electromagnetics, we have over 20 years of world class expertise in the test and measurement of active and passive antennas as well as associated active and passive RF components. We extensively test and characterize our antennas and related RF components to ensure they meet and exceed required performance parameters as well as our customer expectations. Antennas and active and passive RF components are characterized in the lab at AOE and antennas are also fully characterized in anechoic chambers. Passive antennas are characterized for gain, antenna patterns, polarization, etc. and active antennas are additionally fully characterized for EIRP, G/T and Noise Figure. Passive components are measured on Network Analyzers to determine S-Parameter performance and active components are fully characterized for small signal S-Parameters, gain, Noise Figure, efficiency, compression, Third Order Intercept, etc.

Planar GDPAA Gen 3 Subarray Undergoing Nearfield Antenna Measurements

RYM 2038
Measured Tx antenna pattern from AOE planar GDPAA Gen 3 Tile LRU

PAT Triangular Subarray Undergoing Nearfield Antenna Measurements

Panel radiating element side

Custom Test Fixtures for Component Testing

ORBCOMM Tri-Band Bar Antenna Undergoing Pattern Testing

L/S-Band Custom Diplexer Measurement Fixture

diplex 1b
diplex 2b

Fixture for Measuring AOE Developed X-Band Triplexer

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