Broadband Notch-Radiator-Based Array Antennas

Discover AOE’s unique broadband array antennas, designed for a wide variety of applications

AOE provides high performance phased array radiating element technology capable of multi-octave performance (9:1 +).

With wide scanning, dual polarization capability and near ideal cosine falloff, AOE’s proprietary element architecture has been employed in Radar, Electronic Warfare (EW) and Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) applications. Our custom Vivaldi/Notch antenna technology is optimized for several parameters to meet customer requirements including specified frequency range, minimized depth, and minimum return loss at a specified angle.

Limited Scan, > 9:1 Bandwidth Notch Radiator Array

WB 1 38 scaled 1
C430001tar01 2

Limited Scan, > 9:1 Bandwidth Notch Radiator Array

  • Printed PCB technology based
  • 42 x 42 dual linear polarized array
  • 83 test ports total
WB 1 38

Wideband Notch Array Parameters



Operating Frequency

9:1 minimum

Scan volume

~25° conical

VSWR, normal inc.

2:1 max.

VSWR, scanning

2.5:1 max.


Dual linear

Blind spots



>0.5λ square



E-Plane Element Pattern of Central Element 21H


E-plane Element Array Pattern with 0° Scan Manifold

E-plane Element Array Pattern with 20° Scan Manifold

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0.4 – 4 GHz Notch Array

DSCF6461 scaled 1

Swept Gain Measurement at Normal Incidence of 0.4 – 4 GHz Notch Array

graph slide 56
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2 – 18 GHz Limited Scan Notch Array Antenna

wb array 1

0.7 – 18 GHz Notch Array

DSC0004 scaled 1