Antenna & RF Technologies

Enabling Your Advanced Communication and Radar Systems

Since 1998 we’ve been offering customers our wide range of custom antenna and Radio Frequency (RF) technologies. We provide service at every level including design, development, engineering, analysis, and testing. Additionally, we offer passive and active RF component design and Signal Integrity (SI) analysis. Get into contact with us to discuss your personal antenna/RF technology needs.

Industry Leading Antenna Solutions

Active Array Antennas

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Broadband Notch-Radiator-Based Array Antennas

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Embedded and Low-Gain Communication Antennas

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Transmit / Receive Modules and Active RF Circuits Development

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Antenna and Component Testing

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Electromagnetic and Mechanical Modeling

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Innovative Antenna Design

Whether it’s for the Department of Defense, the military, or for general commercial use, our antennas have found homes in a variety of industries performing numerous different functions. When you come to us with a project, we’ll review all your project needs and will develop a design plan capable of accommodating your goals.

Our antenna products are comprised of a diverse range of different
technologies, including:

  • Broadband, polarization-diverse patch antennas and arrays
  • Ultra-wideband, wide-scanning Vivaldi/notch arrays
  • Commercial communications-based product technologies
  • Miniaturized, covert and specialized applications
  • High-performance waveguide arrays
  • Spirals
  • Body worn antennas
  • Low observable technologies
  • Tunable technologies

A Step Ahead

Leading Firms Trust Their Antenna Development to AOE

Proven expertise

in antenna design, analysis, and development.

Higher project success

measured in lower costs, faster turnaround, and streamlined development process

Customized antenna design

and products that are more flexible in performance requirements than standard antenna offerings


"Our project couldn't have been completed without Alpha Omega. They were able to design a custom antenna application that helped us solve a potential roadblock with our project. Very knowledgable and quick."
Joe D.

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